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Practice Area Road List

Arbuthnot Road SE14
Arica Road SE4
Aspinall Road SE4
Avignon Road SE4
Avonley Road SE14
Barlborough Street SE14
Beacongate SE14 (Junction Kitto Road and Drakefell Road)
Besson Street SE14
Billington Road SE14
Bousfield Road SE14
Briant Street SE14
Bridge Meadows SE14 (off Mercury Way)
Brighton Grove SE14
Brockhill Crescent SE4
Brocklehurst Street SE14
Camplin Street SE14
Casella Road SE14
Cold Blow Lane SE14
Dene Close SE4
Dennetts Road SE14
Drakefell Road SE14
Dundalk Road SE4
Edric Road SE14
Egmont Street SE14
Endwell Road SE4
Erlanger Road SE14
Fairlawn Mansions, New Cross Road SE14
Farrow Lane SE14
Finland Road SE4
Foxwell Street SE4
Gellatly Road SE14
Godley Close SE14
Greenstreet SE14 (on Drakefell Road)
Hart’s Lane SE14
Hatcham Park Mews SE14
Hatcham Park Road SE14
Hatfield Close SE14
Heathfield Court SE14 (off Avonley Road)
Honshay Street SE14
Hunsdon Road SE14
Jerningham Road SE14
John Williams Close SE14
Joseph Hardcastle Close SE14
Kender Street SE14
Kitto Road SE14
Lanchester Way SE14
Lausanne Road SE14/15 East side only:- ODD NUMBERS (Black Bins ie Lewisham)
Leylang Road SE14
Lovelinch Close SE15 (ALL the various houses. Also known as Winslade Estate)
Lubbock Street SE14
Mallory Close SE4 (off St Norbett’s Road)
Mantle Road SE4 (off Endwell Road)
Meader Court SE14 (Robert Lowe Close)
Mercury Way SE14
Meretone Close SE4 (off St Norbett’s Road)
Mona Road SE14/15
Monson Road SE14
Musgrove Road SE14
Myers Court SE14 (off Myers Lane)
Myers Lane SE14
Mylius Close SE14
Nettleton Road SE14
New Cross Road (ONLY: even 2 to 238 & odd 1 to 265)
Old Kent Road SE14 (From 883 upwards ONLY)
Ommaney Road SE14
Pankhurst Close SE14
Pendrell Road SE4
Pepys Road SE14
Pomeroy Street SE14 (Lewisham Borough / Only Odd Numbers / Does not include Juniper House + Herons Court)
Pump Lane SE14
Queens Road (SE14 section only NO SE15 Lewisham Borough)
Reaston Street SE14
Reservoir Road SE4
Revelon Road SE4
Robert Lowe Close SE14
Rollins Street SE15
Romney Close SE14
Rutts Terrace SE14
Samuel Close SE14
Sandbourne Road SE14
Seymour Gardens SE14
Sharrat Street SE15
Sherwin Road SE14
Sprules Road SE4
St Asaph Road SE4
St Catherine’s Drive SE14 (off Kitto Road)
St Norbert’s Green SE4
St Norbert’s Road SE4 (ONLY: even 1-46 & odd 1-105; none of the ‘Houses’ ie only NORTH of Brockill Crescent)
Swallow Close SE14
Tolhurst Square SE4 (end of Foxwell Street off Mantle Road off Endwell Road)
Troutbeck Road SE14
Ventnor Road SE14
Vesta Road SE4
Wallbutton Road SE4
Waller Road SE14
Walsham Road SE14
Wardalls Grove SE14
Water Lane SE14
Wellington Close SE14
Whitepost Street SE14 (opposite Chester Way)
Wildgoose Drive SE14
Wrigglesworth Street SE14

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