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Home Visits

We understand sometimes it is more appropriate for care to be given in the community. Our doctors, are able to accommodate this where appropriate.

Home visits are made if clinically indicated and are at the doctors' discretion. Home visits at any time should not be requested just because of lack of transport. Please note that we are only able to visit you at home if you live within the Practice’s catchment area. Please give the receptionist as much information as possible.

Information about home visits from our doctors is below. Visits from the District Nursing Team may need a referral from your doctor and more information about District Nursing Services can be found at Lewisham CCG, as well as the information about Health Visiting Services.

Home visits from a doctor are reserved for the following groups of patients:

  • Terminally ill
  • Housebound
  • Severely ill patients who cannot be mobilised

We have a limited capacity for home visits however we understand these are sometimes necessary. We also want to offer the shortest waiting times for patients to see a doctor so please bear in mind that four to six patients can typically be seen by a doctor at the surgery in the time it takes to complete a single home visit. Our doctors also have access to your full records, more facilities, equipment and access to more medication at the surgery. This is why if you are able to, it is essential you attend the surgery for the most appropriate care.

Babies and children should be brought to the surgery where we will do our best to see them promptly. If reception staff are made aware that your child is particularly unwell, we will do everything we can to see you are not kept waiting unnecessarily.

We cannot undertake visits for reasons of convenience or lack of transport. We will be happy to supply details of local taxi firms or other available patients transport schemes that may be able to help. From experience friends, family and neighbours are often willing to help out.

Requesting a Home Visit

If you are genuinely housebound or too ill to come to the surgery, a home visit can be requested by telephoning reception from 08:00am and before 11:00am. Home visits are normally between 12:00noon and 14:30pm.

A doctor will triage any home visit requests prior to visiting to ensure a visit is needed. For the reasons given above, visits can only be offered to terminally ill patients and those patients who are genuinely house-bound or too ill to attend the surgery. It is very important for you to give our receptionist accurate information and much detail as possible for the doctor’s triaging purposes.

Help Us

Please help us by giving the receptionist as much detail as possible and please include the following details as appropriate:

  • Name, address and date of birth of the patient needing a home visit.
  • Your name, contact details and relationship if you are calling on behalf of a patient.
  • Nature of the problem which will give the doctor an indication of to the degree of urgency.
  • Any relevant past medical history or relevant recent events.
  • Any key codes needed to access the patient's home.

Family Pets

To ensure the safety of our staff we kindly ask that any family pets are not present during a home visit.

We understand that most family pets pose no risk in normal circumstances. When an owner is unwell it can be a stressful environment and pets can react unexpectedly to new visitors or in some situations such as when a patient is examined or where emergency care is required.

In these circumstances a pet can pose a risk to our staff and it is our policy that all visiting healthcare professionals will not enter patients' premises where a pet is present.


In an emergency please always dial 999.


Has their face fallen on one side? Can they smile? Can they raise both arms & keep them there? Is their speech slurred?

Time to call 999 if you see any single one of the above signs

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